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How to come…

By Plane:

In the Terminal from Schiphol there are signs that brings you to the trains and taxi’s. Because Central Station is 3 minutes walk from our house, we advice you to take the train. You can buy the tickets in the Terminal Building. Every 10 minutes there leaves a train and it takes about 25 minutes to the Central Station. From there it is the best to walk to the house; see the map for details.

Taxi’s can be used; but remember they are much more expensive then the train. In time it takes about the same.

By Car:

If you come by car we advice you to park the car in a P+R; you pay a low price and they give you a free ticket to come to the Central Station. In general we advice you not to come by car; the rates for parking in the centre are extremely high and it’s hard to find a parkingspot. Amsterdam is small city and all can be done by feet or bike. See the map below how to reach the P+R and our house from the Central Station.
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